Time doesn’t allow me to exercise or workout!

Exercise doesn’t just mean press ups and burpees. All movement is good! Go for a walk outside or do some yoga in the living room. Find something you enjoy!

Sometimes life gets in the way and you don’t have the time do your planned physical activity. Well, did you know you maybe exercising more than you think?!


Shopping – Whether you’re buying your weekly shop or just out to grab a few bits, shopping means walking and walking means burning calories! Studies show upwards of 200 calories per hour! Why not park a further distance away than normal and swap the lift for some stairs?


Cleaning – Again, around 200 calories per hour can be burnt by simply vacuuming or tidying up those toys your child left out the night before! A full washing basket is heavy enough to get some additional reps in. OR taking the hoover up and down stairs. Why not turn on some music and make cleaning fun?!


Cooking – Everything from chopping food to washing pots can burn up to 75 calories in 30 minutes. Make it a family activity!


Child’s Play – Children are full of energy, if you have a child in your bubble at home or school, or in a socially distanced bubble, children often make physical activity fun!


Standing Desk – Sitting too much, we all know, isn’t great for our health. Reducing sedentary time can improve physical and mental health. Splitting your time 50/50 between a standing desk improves mood and energy levels, reduces back pain, and can burn an additional 200 calories. That’s an extra 1000 calories per week!


So don’t feel like you’re never doing enough, because often, you are!

Everyone burns fuel doing everyday activities, so don’t feel downhearted if you miss a jog or workout.

Author, James Latham, Trust PE Lead