The latest online learning resources and activities for children

With the current lockdown measures meaning that many children are at home with parents or guardians, it can be difficult to ensure that there are enough activities and learning resources to keep them entertained and aid their development.

But there is currently a wide range of free resources, classes and activities available to take advantage of, from keeping fit and active to learning about maths, science and wildlife!

With the BBC recently launching their biggest ever educational programme, featuring online lessons such as Sergio Aguero teaching Spanish, Danny Dyer teaching History and Professor Brian Cox discussing the solar system, gravity and force, there are now even more activities and resources to make use of!

Below is a schedule of free classes and activities that you and your children can take part in:

All of these resources are available for free, and any videos can be viewed either live or at any time you wish, including a back catalogue of lessons and classes on BBC iPlayer/online website, YouTube, Facebook and the websites highlighted above.

Rosetta Stone are also offering free Spanish and French lessons for children for three months, which can be found at

There are other resources for lessons and learning, including the Barclays Playground, which teaches children to code, and learning sign language, for a donation of your choice, via

For parents looking to keep children safe online, is a fantastic resource, with expert support and practical tips to help children benefit from connected technology and the internet safely and smartly.

At Excelsior, our schools continue to offer resources, with daily activities which you can find on our Twitter page.

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