Excelsior MAT guarantees every child has a home-learning device by half term

Excelsior MAT, a multi-academy trust with four primary schools within Birmingham, have guaranteed that every family within their schools will have use of a technology device enabling them to learn online at home by half-term.

Many families are struggling with the lack of Government support for home-learning tools and children are missing out on crucial education at this fundamental time in their primary years, therefore schools and parents are filling the void. Parents are doing their best with printed materials, but the lack of technology devices has proven that children are at risk of not developing and that parents need more support.

CEO of Excelsior MAT, Hazel Pulley, felt they had to take action to help these children in order to give them the best chance of an education in the global pandemic. Excelsior MAT invested in 270 brand new laptops for their schools. The schools enlisted a team which reviewed through phone calls, door knocking and IT monitoring data, each pupil’s access to and uptake of the live and recorded lessons the teachers were providing.

Hazel Pulley CEO, “We whole heartedly believe that every child deserves the opportunity to have an education and whether we are in a pandemic or not, it is my job to ensure we are doing everything we can to effectively teach all our children. I am proud of Excelsior and all the schools within our MAT who are continuing to show true resilience and determination daily. Parents are doing an exceptional job in these difficult times and we want them all to know we are here to support them as much as their children, after all we’re all in this together.”