COVID-19 – Government issues guidance to help children continue their education

The Government has issued guidance for parents and carers to help continue children’s education during the coronavirus pandemic.

The guidance includes advice on how to structure the day, how to access information and resources, and specific information for reading, maths, phonics and other lessons.

It may be difficult for many parents and carers to juggle their child’s education and current working situation, and for anyone concerned about the impact on children’s learning, knowing what support is available and having a structure can be a significant help.

The guidance states that a routine will help prepare children for activities and learning, including:

  • Getting up and going to bed at the same time each day
  • Having regular breaks
  • Having regular meal times
  • Regularly time for activities, ensuring there is playtime at lunch and break intervals

Digital devices can also aid with learning, with regular work being supplied by schools that can be accessed on laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones. Setting parental controls can be a good way of ensuring that your children remain safe and secure online.

However, the guidance also includes information on how to reduce screen time, including spending time reading, writing by hand and taking part in regular physical activity.

Talking with children and helping to explain new words is a great way to keep them active and aid their development, as well as reading together, to ensure that you can answer questions they may have, and to ask them questions about characters, what has happened and what they think may happen.

You can read the guidance in full, including specific information for different age groups of children, at